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Free Events

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  • All your event in one place.
  • Management of vacancies.
  • Presence recorded by one click.
  • No collection of values.

Paid Events

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  • All features free for you.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Event Financial Management.
  • Custom homepage for your event.

Custom Plan

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(For those who want some extra help)

  • We customize your event.
  • We take care of your participants.
  • Custom certificates as you want.
  • Home page with the face of your event.

How will I get the sales' money on the platform?

Participants will pay for tickets or for the enrollment through our platform, avoiding any problems with the financial part of the events and making it safer for you and for the participants.

Contact us to find out about our APIs payment and our ways of receiving.


  • Sell tickets 24 hours.
  • All event in one place.
  • All for academic works.
  • Presence recorded by two clicks.
  • Event reports and statistics.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Lower cost of the market.
  • Exclusive support.
  • *Let's talk and reach an agreement to make your event the best it can be.

Calculate the cash flow of your event

Have an estimate of your profit and fees when using Eventfy Payment Processing for your event.


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Event Collection

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Questions? Ask your question in our FAQ or write to us.

Participant registration is done completely online, from the comfort of his/her home and 24h. The participant just have to register himself/herself in Eventfy and click on Participate in your event and it is done. He/She will be participating in the event, selecting the activities that he/she wants to participate, and have the tickets. Does your event require proof of enrollment or any evidence for the participant to sign up? We also think about that.
Your event will be paid and you are in doubt as how you are going to receive the money at the end of the event? We use the most reliable payment platforms, where participant payments are deposited as a financial intermediary, and after the event ends, we transfer for your account. We have a personalization option, where money will already be in your account of the chosen platform, but for that, you need to request with us to configure your event.
Your event was a success and now it is necessary to issue the event certificates? For that we have some customization options. You can notify participants on your own that the certificates are already available (after you available them) or you can contact us to do this for you, we generate the certificates and notify the participants already with their certificates in their email. Do you want to customize the certificate? Contact us.