You do not need to issue certificates to attendees, they can do it themselves with just one click.


Each issued certificate has a unique code that can be used to authenticate the veracity of the information, it is no longer necessary to issue printed certificates and, therefore, send them via post or store them for removal, as well as help The preservation of the environment by considerably reducing the amount of paper that would be spent.

The Face of Event

If you want, you can change the style of your certificates so that it will be the face of your event, and you also can give your sponsors the deserved prominence, if that is the case.


With the unique identification code, your participants and interested ones will be able to verify the authenticity from any device, just having access to the internet.


Follow the process of issuing the certificates in real time, so you will know the index of participants who have issued their certificates


If you wish, the certificate can only be issued if the presence in the activities is registered, guaranteeing the authenticity of the document, and once it is generated, it is not possible to edit its information.

Always Available

The platform will be available to the participants and organizers 24 hours a day, and can be accessed in each time that it is convenient to the user.

Adapt it to your needs

For abstracts, if approved by the examining board, the participant can send the complete paper.